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Food Manager's Certificate - All food businesses must have at least one employee who has a Food Manager's Certificate -- required by the City of Austin / Travis County Health Department.  This certificate must be available at all times while in the kitchen to show City of Austin (CoA) Health Department (HD) officials upon request.

Food Handler's Certificate - All employees, if any, of your food business must have a Food Handler’s Certificate per the CoA HD.  If a person has a Food Manager's Certificate, they DO NOT also need Food Handler's).


Wingman Kitchen's Operating Agreement - This is the contractual Terms and Conditions related to using Wingman Kitchens' facility.  Mobile Food Vendors also have a similar agreement to sign with us.  

Insurance requirement - A certificate of insurance showing a minimum of $1,000,000 Commercial General Liability Insurance with Wingman KITCHENS, LLC listed as an additional insured.  Kitchen member must maintain this policy coverage for the duration of Wingman Kitchen use.


Security Deposit - $350 - refundable after 30 days of non-use. 30-day notice is required to break kitchen agreement.

Application for a Food Enterprise Permit - A permit issued by the CoA HD is necessary for you to operate a food-related business.  Wingman Kitchens must receive a copy of this permit, and you must have your permit on display in the kitchen at all times.  You must have an agreement with us prior to applying for this permit with the CoA.  The CoA issued a new fee schedule effective  4/1/19.  The new fee schedule is HERE).

Request for Change of Ownership Inspection - This inspection is required by the CoA/Travis County Health Department, paid for by the permit applicant, and should be submitted at the same time as the Application for a Food Enterprise Permit.

Mail the Application for a Food Enterprise Permit and the Request for Change of Ownership Inspection to the CoA HD, or drop them off in person to the CoA HD at 1520 Rutherford Lane. The CoA HD will contact you directly to arrange for a Change of Ownership inspection time.

Apply to use Wingman Kitchens-  In order to use the kitchen we require that the company is set up on The Food Corridor as a client.  Please click the logo below to do so.

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